Duche Bradley

Changed Men CHANGE MEN


At 19 years old, Duché became a father to his son Bradley, who he calls “Young Prince.” Overwhelmed as a young father and discouraged about a life full of disappointments, including not knowing his own father, his violent behavior began to consume him.


Although he was an exceptional athlete, his parents' divorce, and losing his senior year of eligibility to play sports, due to changing school districts, was devastating. Duché aborted plans for college, and he began flirting with selling illegal narcotics, to replace the “high and popularity” of playing athletics. A legal and legitimate lifestyle was no longer an option, as a life of drug trafficking over the next several years would escalate into violence, finally climaxing with 3 arrests in 2 states within 3 months. Confronted with 13-25 years in one state and 25-40 years in another, a prison sentence ensued, and during his incarceration, a confrontation with 2 men would provide a new start, inspire a new life, and redirect his life. Duché realized he had men who taught him how to play sports, but no one spent the time to develop a relationship with him, to teach him how to live life.

A native from the “Tri State” New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas, Duché experienced the opportunity to travel with “World Famous” entertainers; Jenifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Spain and Central and South America, as well as working with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs providing celebrity protection as their “personal security and driver.” It was at the height of that experience, while driving “Diddy” in his $350,000 Rolls Royce, to the MTV-VMA (Video Music Awards) in Miami, FL, Duché heard the voice of GOD. “You’re not doing what I created you to do, I told you to go and tell people what I have done for you!”


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