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A native from the “Tri State” New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas, Duché experienced the opportunity to travel with “World Famous” entertainers; Jenifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Spain and Central and South America, as well as working with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs providing celebrity protection as their “personal security and driver.” It was at the height of that experience, while driving “Diddy” in his $350,000 Rolls Royce, to the MTV-VMA (Video Music Awards) in Miami, FL, Duché heard the voice of GOD. “You’re not doing what I created you to do, I told you to go and tell people what I have done for you!”



At 19 years old, Duché became a father to his son Bradley, who he calls “Young Prince.” Overwhelmed as a young father and discouraged about a life full of disappointments, including not knowing his own father, his violent behavior began to consume him.


Although he was an exceptional athlete, his parents' divorce, and losing his senior year of eligibility to play sports, due to changing school districts, was devastating. Duché aborted plans for college, and he began flirting with selling illegal narcotics, to replace the “high and popularity” of playing athletics. A legal and legitimate lifestyle was no longer an option, as a life of drug trafficking over the next several years would escalate into violence, finally climaxing with 3 arrests in 2 states within 3 months. Confronted with 13-25 years in one state and 25-40 years in another, a prison sentence ensued, and during his incarceration, a confrontation with 2 men would provide a new start, inspire a new life, and redirect his life. Duché realized he had men who taught him how to play sports, but no one spent the time to develop a relationship with him, to teach him how to live life.

While incarcerated, the pursuit of education through course work offered by UNC-Chapel Hill, followed by attending North Carolina Central University while still incarcerated, it became obvious, pursuit of a college education part of his new focus, and a motivating purpose while behind the prison wire. After release from prison, he transferred to Howard University in Washington DC to be closer to his son, and earned a 4.0 GPA.


Duché now speaks in schools, universities and prisons throughout the United States, inspiring and coaching men, women and youth to focus, excel and succeed even during the most difficult times.

Bad Boys Pray | Bad Girls Pray

What is a Bad Boy / Bad Girl???

A Bad Boy/Girl has dual meanings.  The first is a rite of passage every child takes to become a man/woman.  When life confronts us with troubles, Bad Boys/Girls are the characters that develop. Full of attitude, fortitude and determination, challenges in life begin to diminish the hopes and dreams once pondered in our innocence.  Boundaries help us preserve dignity, but when boundaries are compromised they entice us to believe the bad we do, defines who we are…


Unhealthy decisions typically precede a world of isolation and this is where Bad Boy’s/Girl’s are confronted with God’s Love.  It’s in this moment, we have to choose whether we will “Fight for God, or continue to fight against Him.”


In this moment of transition, a man goes from being an unpredictable and volatile Bad Boy, to

becoming a resolute man, and joining the growing fraternity, unashamed to proclaim,

v“Bad Boys Pray.”



Father God,

1) Forgive me for what I have done, and know I should not do

2) Fill me with the power of your Holy Spirit

3) Fulfill Your will for my life and my legacy in You

In Christ Jesus I pray…


Duché Bradley Tract

God's Design for Dad's

Prison Prayer

For The Family

“God help me to become the father, friend and brother that my children need, and give me the ability to know which one he/she needs and when.  I pray to YOU in Christ Jesus”


I find inspiration and power from God’s word.  The last words recorded in the Old Testament are from God himself, compelling men to return to their children and families, and children to return to their fathers, if not, the earth would be cursed (Malachi 4:6). My hope is to encourage men to hear the cry of our children, “Daddy’s Come Home!”


God then goes silent for four hundred years. There is not another word recorded until a baby named John,  jumps inside his mother’s womb. He jumps when a woman named Mary, walks into the room, and her belly was concealing her son Jesus.


When God decides to speak again, his voice trumpets that John shall come in power to compel Gods’s people (Israel) to return to Him in all their ways.  In addition, every father is to return to their children, and every child to return to their father. (Luke 1:16-17)


These are the instructions to restore the family and the motivation fueling Bad Boys PRAY!

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