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Ten 37 Tour

The TEN 37 Tour is derived from the parable of the “Good Samaritan” found in the gospel of LUKE 10:37: “

Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do likewise.’” Our heart is to teach the followers of Jesus Christ how to practically spread His love for us by meeting the needs of the people in their respective churches, neighboring communities and within their spheres of influence.


We are honored to share this exciting/ approach to training & modeling modern-day evangelism as well as providing a strategy for your church’s growth.

Your church members will learn how to:

1)  Place Christ Jesus “FIRST” by serving in pragmatic ways (Fasting, Consecrating finances)

2)  Share their faith in measureable ways (“Go and do likewise”) Luke 10:37

3)  Use the local Church to grow the local church, using the TEN 37 platform to intentionally

     invite neighbors into your faith community.

The TEN 37 Tour has three overall components:

1)  “FAST & SAVE”

2)  “GO & SOW”


FAST & SAVE (Individual Goal $50-$100)

•  FAST from meals, vices, etc… and set $5-$10 aside for each sacrifice made

•  SAVE Consecrate “set apart” money for a week to help church community meet needs


•  GO in pairs (2), with consecrated money, looking for encounters with others from your church community

•  SOW into individuals needs at store counters, gas pumps, and grocery stores


•  PRAY after sowing into someone’s need, then ask them if you can pray for anything specific (A heart issue)

•  CONVEY to them you would like them and their family and friends to be” your” special guest at your church

    the following day.

TEN 37 TOUR Schedule of Events:

FRIDAY NIGHT – 7pm-9pm A comprehensive training will be provided to your church group


    •  9:30am-10:30am TEN 37 TOUR PRAYER and MOTIVATION

    •  10am-1:30pm GO & DO (Luke 10:37)

    •  2pm-3pm RETURN and SHARE the EXPERIENCE!

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